Premium Upright Display Fridge

Premium Upright Display Fridge is simply perfect for storing and cooling drinks and other products attractively presented. And your shop will maintain beverages at optimum chilled conditions and all within an elegant frame.

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Display your chilled drinks in an ECO-Fridge Commercial Upright Display Fridge. Available in an array of sizes, from narrow drinks fridge units to double fronted Glass Door Fridge cabinets, you can choose the ideal model for your retail space.


Best Premium Upright Display Fridge to buy.

The range of Frost-Tech bottle display fridges includes a solution for outlets of all types and sizes, from coffee shops and convenience stores, to supermarkets and school or hospital cafeterias. Smaller retail outlets would benefit from a single width upright display chiller or bottle cooler, whilst larger outlets are suited to double glass door chiller multidecks. In outlets where the demand for chilled drinks is high, such as gyms, sports clubs and swimming pools, a larger upright drinks cooler would be beneficial.

With an upright display fridge from ECO-Fridge UK, you receive the benefit of optimum commercial refrigeration, alongside an eye-catching display for your store. Whether you need to chill soft drinks or alcohol, your display will look appealing to prospective customers, thanks to the large glass window fronts, interior lighting and spacious shelving.


Choose our Glass Door Fridge

Do you own a convenience store or retail outlet and looking for the perfect display fridge cabinet? Well, we offer a broad range of upright display fridge to store and display perishable items for an extended period perfectly. We proudly admit of providing the most robust and practical units so far. Our high-quality glass door fridge multidecks ensure that your foods and beverages are stored at optimum temperature.

Our products are specially designed to meet the needs of our potential customers. Of course, as a buyer, you’ll get access to a range of sizes regarding depth, width, and height. Just store and display perishable food items and drinks with a glass door fridge in a stylish way.

All models in the ECO-Fridge upright range are designed to be easy to clean and re-stock, for ease of maintenance. ECO-Fridge upright chillers are of the highest quality, designed with premium European components for optimum durability.

Our stock ranges from small single glass door fridge units to large double door models. Choose your ideal glass door refrigerator from our various models of commercial fridge cabinets.


We have been around for more than 30 years and we are confident on providing top-quality refrigeration products throughout the UK. Our specialised team of commercial refrigeration professionals will guide you through the entire buying process.


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Here, at ECO Fridge UK, we have a wide selection of models to suit all your needs, from our Standard Upright display chiller units to the Premium back Bar bottle fridge category. Our products are perfect for convenience stores, cafes, canteens, takeaways and more. We stock single and double glass door chiller displays in a range of shapes and sizes.

Glass door fridges are perfect for housing and cooling drinks and other beverages, attractively presenting what your shop have available to sell, whilst maintaining optimum chilled temperature and conditions, all within an stylish frame.

By offering an extensive range of commercial display fridge cabinets, including commercial drinks fridge displays,Upright display freezer cabinets, we are confident that we have the refrigeration solution for you.


Delivered period and conditions

The delivery, installation and commissioning are FREE and the expected delivery is estimated 8 working days from cleared payment. Deliveries above York, Leeds, Blackpool & outside UK Mainland will incur an extra charge.


Having been providing commercial fridge equipment for over 30 years, we are able to give you professional advice, being confident on our experience as well as equip you with the most advanced, reliable refrigeration products that will help your company function to the best of its ability.

Contact our expert team for an appropriate recommendation of commercial fridge multidecks to suit your budget and convenience.