Standard Grab and Go Display Fridges

Improve your product sales with our standard Grab and Go display fridges designed to house and display various food or beverage products in an elegant and easily accessible manner, all perfectly cooled and ready for serve from our fridge.

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If you’re looking for the perfect commercial refrigeration solution for sandwiches, paninis, drinks, cakes or other pre-packaged food and drinks, a stylish ECO-Fridge Standard Grab and Go silver chiller is the ideal choice. Their stylish open fronted design is eye-catching and easily accessible, encouraging impulse buys from your customers. We invite you to visit our Premium category, as well.

Standard Grab and Go Display Fridges


Optimise presentation of your products with our Standard Grab and Go display fridges designed to house and display various food or beverage products in an elegant and easily accessible manner, all perfectly cooled and ready for serve.


Making your products look brilliant
Here, at Eco Fridge UK, we put all our passion, creativity and hard work into creating the perfect Grab and Go display chiller. Our commercial fridge multideck helps you to maximise the sales of “grab and go” foods such as sandwiches, wraps or boxed salads.
The multilevel, tiered design can hold large quantities of goods ensuring that every business can create an effective refrigerated display to entice customers and boost ‘grab and go’ purchases.

With multiple options available, every premises can take advantage of these display fridge cabinets.
These highly-attractive commercial appliances are guaranteed to impress, make your stock look fantastic and what’s even better, they should last you for years when shown the proper care and attention.

Optimise your Grab and Go display fridges.
Suitable for packaged food goods and beverages, our solutions are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and capacities, for any chilled retail, display and merchandising applications.
Whether your product display requirement is for grab and go, pub & bar, bakery or supermarket retail applications, Eco Fridge UK has the solution.

Sizes of our Standard Grab and Go display fridges
The size of the cold multilevel display you choose is very important. After all, you need something that will fit into the space available without obstructing or overcrowding walkways.
A direct reflection of size is capacity. Obviously the larger the dimensions the more area will be available for stocking products. Capacity will also be dependent on the number and configuration of shelves that each unit holds.
With an extensive range of sizes and capacities every business will find the perfect solution to their requirements. Our Grab and Go display fridge models has dimensions from 600mm to 1200mm longer.


Temperature and Contents
A Grab and Go chiller need to offer the correct temperature in order to preserve the freshness, texture, moisture and flavour of your products, as well as tempt customers with the high impact glass display. The temperature range you need will be dictated by the products you wish to display.
The temperature ranges are  +5 / +7 C.


Features of the Grab and Go Fridge
There are numerous features which are advantageous when choosing a Grab and Go display fridge.

Removable bottom plates can provide easier cleaning access, ensuring that hygiene doesn’t have to be hard work.
Glass side panels can increase potential presentation when your grab and go display fridge is isolated, however, are obsolete if the unit is adjacent to other equipment.
Coated Steel finishes are more suitable then standard white or other colour options that maybe don’t match to existing equipment or don’t compliment the style and decor of the premises.
Lighting is a great way to illuminate contents and present the stock in the most attractive manner. Our grab and go chillers have top mounted LED light.
• When shelves can be tilted, shelf risers are perfect for stopping produce from falling off onto the shop floor.
Castors are a great way to ensure easy movement and positioning of equipment whether during initial situation or during routine cleaning, service and maintenance. The castors are an additionally chosen option with extra-charge so you need to tick this option.


Delivered period and conditions
The delivery, installation and commissioning are FREE and the expected delivery is estimated 8 working days from cleared payment. Deliveries above York, Leeds, Blackpool & outside UK Mainland will incur an extra charge.


You can choose, as well, from the Premium grab and go display fridge category.