Drinks Fridge - Commercial Drink Fridges

Commercial Drinks Fridge displays are very important for any bar or pub. The Bottle Drink Cooler guarantees your business will boost sales and profit. 

If the size is important to you, take a look at our display fridge units; the perfect solution for refrigerating dozens of items at ease. Here, at ECO Fridge, we have a wide selection of drinks fridge to suit all your needs, from our Standard Upright display fridge units to the Premium back bar display fridge category. Our products are perfect for pubs, clubs, shops, cafes, canteens, takeaways and more. We stock single and double bottle chiller displays in a range of shapes and sizes.


What is a Drinks Fridge?

A drinks fridge is a type of refrigerator that is designed to store drinks. It is a countertop appliance and has a cooler on the exterior so drinks can be cooled quickly.

The drinks fridge is a drinks dispenser, usually found in a house or office, which is used to store drinks on the upper two shelves. The drinks on the upper two shelves are typically cold drinks such as water, juice drinks, and sodas.