Standard Silver Steel Multideck Display Chillers

Our standard silver coloured steel Multideck display chillers are perfect for a variety of shops, where food or drink are on the menu.

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It provides a good blend of top quality manufacturing and durability at a lower price. However with four adjustable heavy duty shelves, a top mounted LED light, as well as top of the range components, its still an ideal choice if increasing sales is your goal.

Standard multideck display chiller

An attractive multideck display chiller is a must for any hypermarket, superstore or supermarket looking to increase sales.

Multidecks offer a great way to present a wide range of products in perfectly chilled conditions. There are a number of options to consider before investing in a multideck display.


What is a Multideck display chiller ?

The title “multideck” is rather a broad term which includes any multi-tiered display refrigeration used for self service purposes. Typically open fronted, display fridge cabinets are the most popular form of display cabinet for the majority of shops. Featuring multiple shelves the tiered display chiller means that your products are visible, well presented and stored in optimum conditions. Creating an attractive display that appeals to customers, all available products are attractively presented to encourage a carefree shopping experience and increase of sales.

Mainly found in superstores, shops and supermarkets that wants to maximise presentation of cold goods, these multi-level fridge displays are ideal for encouraging impulse “grab and go” purchases. Configurations are available to hold fresh meats, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, and general purpose goods meaning that this versatile equipment can be tailored to meet all display demands.

Our multideck display chiller is Integral or Plug in. That means all components are housed within the equipment with no external elements other than the electrical supply. The condensing unit / motor is typically located underneath the base shelf.

Advantages of plug in / integral units:

  • Plug in or integral pieces of equipment are less expensive to buy keeping initial costs low.
  • As running noises are within the premises there is little risk of complaints from neighbours.
  • No planning permissions are required for integral displays, a consent that is sometimes necessary for remote alternatives.
  • In the majority of cases, plug in models are generally reliable when serviced and maintained adequately.



The size of the commercial fridge you choose is very important. After all, you need something that will fit into the space available without obstructing or overcrowding walkways. The smaller multideck display chiller has no more then 600mm longer, and the biggest model from our offer has 1800mm length.

For larger premises, standard sizes may not be big enough to meet demand. In these cases some models can be multiplexed. Meaning that multiple models are fitted together to create a long run of commercial refrigeration equipment. Where multiplexing is the answer, you will need to consider power requirements.

A direct reflection of size is capacity. Obviously the larger the dimensions the more area will be available for stocking products. Capacity will also be dependent on the number and configuration of shelves that each unit holds.


Temperature and Contents: 

The temperature range you need will be dictated by the products you wish to display. Generally temperature ranges will fall anywhere between 0˚C to 10˚C providing perfect conditions for the majority of refrigerated produces such as dairy, soft drinks, cooked meats, sandwiches, fruits and vegetables. If you are looking to feature a fresh meat tiered display, you will require a lower temperature range to maintain food safety, typically in the region of 0°C – 2°C.

If you need to store frozen food then you need to check the Display freezers category.  Those displays are available with a temperature range from -18°C to -22°C suitable for all frozen produces.


Features of the Multideck display chiller: 

There are numerous features which are advantageous when choosing an open-fronted display fridge.


  • Removable bottom plates can provide easier cleaning access, ensuring that hygiene doesn’t have to be hard work.
  • Glass side panels can increase potential presentation when your multideck display fridge is isolated, however, are obsolete if the unit is adjacent to other equipment.
  • Standard coated steel multideck finishes are available when standard white or other colour options don’t match to existing equipment or don’t compliment the style and decor of the premises.
  • Lighting is a great way to illuminate contents and present the stock in the most attractive manner. Some of our multideck display chillers have top mounted standard LED light.
  • When shelves can be tilted, shelf risers are perfect for stopping produce from falling off onto the shop floor.
  • Multidecks can be large, heavy, cumbersome pieces of equipment. Castors are a great way to ensure easy movement and positioning of equipment whether during initial situation or during routine cleaning, service and maintenance. The castors are an additionally chosen option with extra-charge so you need to tick this option.
  • Night blinds are soft curtains that can be drawn over the open front display during out of hours periods. Although not a standard feature they are a great way to increase energy efficiency.


Cleaning and Maintenance: 
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  1. Positioning of Multideck display chiller

A survey of the site is recommended prior to positioning.

Note should be taken of the following:

  • Ease of access to the site including:
    • Parking restrictions
    • Door width and height
    • Any obstacles, such as a stairway
    • Any other hidrance
  • Site and shop floor surface, including:
    • Stability of the ground outside the store
    • Level of the floor inside the store
    • Floor covering
    • Is lifting equipment required?
  • Drawing plans
    • The intended position of the cabinet
    • Check dimensions


  1. Shopfitting Considerations

It is recommended that consideration be given to the environmental conditions that exist or could exist in store.

Note should be taken of the following:

  • Manufacturers guidelines (instruction booklet) for the Multideck display chiller model type
    • Temperature levels
    • Humidity levels
    • Minimum air gap required around the cabinet
  • Adequate escape route for the hot air generated by the condenser unit
    • Suitable ventilation
  • Preventative maintenance
    • Regular cleaning of the condenser unit


Adequate Ventilation

Heat generated by Multideck display chiller must be able to escape away from the cabinet.

It is possible for a cabinet to create a discharge temperature of over 50˚C when there is insufficient provision for air gaps around the cabinet, which can lead to poor performance and eventual breakdown.

To prevent this, the manufacturer’s guidelines specific to the cabinet should be followed, and where possible, it is recommended that the minimum air gap recommended be exceeded.


It is recommended that provision be made for an open section at the top of all multideck cabinets that will allow the heat generated to escape away from the cabinet.

Ideally the heat is removed from site by a ventilation system, to prevent any chance of a build up around the cabinet.


Where this is not possible, alternative action should be considered.  For example, ceiling tiles that are not in view of customers could be removed, or grills fitted, that will allow the heat to dissipate as far away from the cabinet as possible.

It is recommended that as much ventilation as possible should be provided around the cabinet to prevent any build up of heat around the cabinet.


Preventative Maintenance

It is recommended that the area around the cabinet is kept clear and clean at all times.

The condensing unit should be kept free of dust and other deposits by regular cleaning.  If the condensing unit is not kept clean, performance will be adversely affected.


  1. External Influences on Performance

To ensure a high level of performance is maintained it is recommended that note be taken of the following:

  • Drawing plans
    • The intended position of the Multideck display chiller – is it intended to position the display facing a window or door?
    • Look for such things as windows, doors, air conditioning units, extraction fans in close proximity
    • Low ceilings


The Effect of Windows and Doors

It is recommended that the multideck display fridges are positioned away from direct sunlight.

Glass concentrates the sun’s rays and creates a high level of heat.  Cabinets positioned directly in the path of the sun’s rays will need to work harder to maintain the temperature level required.


Air Flow

It is also recommended that the multideck display fridge is positioned away from high passing air flow that is caused by open external doors or windows.  This is because such air flow can cause high fluctuations in temperature.

Similarly, air conditioning units, ceiling or floor fans, other refrigeration equipment and any other large electrical equipment can create an air flow that has a detrimental affect on the performance of the cabinet.


Low Ceiling

As heat rises, there is a build up of heat at ceiling level.  If the ceiling is low, the hot air will remain at low level and can migrate back into the cabinet, adversely affecting performance.

It is recommended that measures be taken to dissipate this heat.


  1. Third Parties – Contractors and Suppliers

It is recommended that full consideration of the above guidelines be given by all contractors and that where there is any doubt, that the supplier is contacted for further guidance.



Delivered period and conditions

The delivery, installation and commissioning for all our Multideck display chillers are FREE and the expected delivery is estimated 8 working days from cleared payment. Deliveries above York, Leeds, Blackpool & outside UK Mainland will incur an extra charge.


You can choose, as well, from the Premium Multideck Display Chillers category.