Serve Over Fridge - Deli Counter Display

Our Serve Over Fridge or Deli Counter Display provides the best solution for your catering business that serve directly to customers. And this whilst a commercial fridge performs a fantastic role in displaying fresh food to your clients.

Selling products such as cheese, fruits, and cooked meats attractively displayed directly in front of customers encourage impulse purchases per visitor. We have a comprehensive range of Deli Counter displays like Deli display or Double glazed counter fridge. So, you just have to choose and buy the ideal display fridge.


Deli Counter

Deli Counter fridges are particularly helpful in takeaways, delicatessens and sandwich shops. Our display fridge cupboards will keep your stock at the ideal temperature with the countertop fridge on the serve over units, obvious, and will lure your clients to purchase.

Here, at ECO-Fridge, we offer the ideal decision for your Deli or Butcher shop particularly if space is tight, with the beneath slimline serve over counters or the slimline grab and go multidecks we ought to have something to suit your necessities.

Deli Counter will entice your clients to purchase more. Most importantly, our extraordinary display and introduction of your focused on items guarantee you the expansion of the deals of your chilled food and drinks.

What’s more, a commercial fridge is a snazzy method to flaunt all way of produce. Particularly valuable in sandwich shops, delicatessens and takeaways, serve over displays keep your stock at the perfect temperature. Besides, offer a liberal chilled or encompassing stockpiling limit.

In any case, the choices gave by our Serve Over counter fridge make them an excellent bit of commercial refrigeration chillers for a wide scope of takeaway settings. Also, it is additionally fit for keeping a wide assortment of food and drink things chilled for broadened timeframes.

Taking everything into account, we see each business is unique, so we offer an extraordinary scope of Serve Over fridge displays, helping you to locate the ideal Deli Display Fridge regardless of what you need, at the best costs you’ll cherish.


Deli Display


Deli Display Fridge

Picking a Deli Display Fridge or Meat Counter for food and cake introducing will improve your store. Along these lines, clients must see the food pleasing in your Meat Serve Over and they should be certain that you’re selling food in good conditions, regarding the food wellbeing rules.

The food retail business simply likes some other business can best run effectively on the off chance that it has all the crucial commercial fridge. Displaying the food become nowadays a method for pulling in clients and upgrading deals.

There is a lot of styles of Serve Over display counters that have inside lighting. Inside lighting speaks to a top range work for drawing in clients by introducing the assortment and newness of items.

The lighting not best adds to the wonder of the store yet additionally allows customers to choose the pleasant meat. It substantially affects the deals of the shop.

Lighting can add to expanding deals as they improve the best approach to display the food. The lights can expend a ton of power anyway the pristine styles have LED lighting which is power green.


Deli Fridge


Deli Counter

Our committed Deli Counter will give an outstanding answer for your providing food business that serves legitimately to clients while playing out an incredible job in displaying new food to potential clients.

Likewise, having items, for example, cheddar, cooked meats and natural product alluringly displayed legitimately before clients energize drive buys and up-deals per guest. A typical sight in cooking organizations, similar to bistros, delis and general stores, a Serve Over Display is a snazzy method to flaunt all way of produce, while likewise offering refrigerated capacity for transitory goods.

Particularly valuable in sandwich shops, delicatessens and takeaways, Deli Displays keep your stock at the perfect temperature and offer a liberal chilled or surrounding stockpiling limit.

Most importantly, being equipped for keeping a wide assortment of food and drink things chilled for expanded timeframes, the choices provided by the Deli Counters make them an extraordinary bit of cooking hardware for a wide scope of takeaway settings.


serve over


Serve Over Fridge

The Food Display Fridge Counters comprehensive of the Deli Counter Fridge have clear treated glass for the display region. The Deli Display will gain the trust of the clients as they will understand that meat is put away in smooth and clean conditions.

Temperature is a basic part of guaranteeing secure capacity of meat and its product. In this manner, the Serve Over Counter gives an exact temperature to guaranteeing food wellbeing.

There are designs with trademark temperature controls and virtual displays. Thus, this makes it simpler to set the best temperature. The controls can assist you in modifying the temperature with none trouble. The reasonable display likewise encourages you to understand that the apparatus is holding a reliable temperature.

Hygiene is the most extreme significant thing to go to in suppers endeavour. Littlest hygiene blunders can prompt dinners defilement which can bring about suppers borne infections. Moreover, Serve Over Displays are best for keeping hygiene since they’re made of tempered steel.

It is a suitable texture for commercial use as it is direct to simple and it doesn’t require any germ-free cleaner to take out germs. Moreover, Stainless Steel is germ safe, so it assists with lessening the odds of pollution.


Serve Over Fridge


Food Serve Over categories


1. Curved Glass Serve Over Fridges

Without a doubt, Food Serve Over Fridge gives both helpful and tasteful cost. In this way, that is the reason the vast majority of the retailers pick to solid them on the front in their outlet premises.

As some separation as the choice of acceptable Deli Counters to your retail commercial endeavour is concerned, you first need to precisely apportion the hole in which you have to show the Serve Over Counter.

The size, shape and test of the Deli Display are observably organized on the separation to be needed to put it.

Next most critical component to review is the thing that your consumers’ value go is. For this present, it’s entitlement to expand an appropriate arrangement to set up of these Serve Over Fridges.

For higher help, you may also call a specialist who let you with important counsel’s concerning such home hardware.

Before purchasing the Curved Glass Serve Over, simply attempt and chase down what are the advanced patterns as of late together with style, size and highlights.

On the off chance that you have to make an enticing appearance of your outlet, at that point, you certainly may move for curved glass Serve Over displays. As it will improve the general tasteful expense of your premises.


Serve Over Counter


2. Food Display Fridge

The Food Display Counters are best for Butchers as a Deli Counter in unique establishments comprising of retail’s, butcheries or providing food offices.

The most vital highlights in meat introduction are the refrigeration temperature, which is for the most part between 0 and 2 Celsius. Permitting the meat to preserve its top-notch and taste, however at the indistinguishable timekeeping in sync with the food safety laws.

Moreover, for Butchers Display Fridge units the ventilated refrigeration is liked. Offering a leeway for the temperature to be preserved at a similar level all through the display surface.


deli display fridge


3. Patisserie Serve Over Counters

What exactly it stresses the cakes and other patisserie desserts, the Deli Display Counters should have a temperature running from 3 to 10 Celsius. What’s more, depending upon the item, the supported temperature for cakes and pastries is among 4 – 6 C.

For commercial refrigeration, it is wanted to consider the size of the shop and deals. In a bustling keep, wherein large segments of stock are required to meet the step by step request.

Besides, the ventilated refrigeration will permit the temperature to be kept up at a similar level inside the Patisserie Display Fridge.

At the indistinguishable time, in Cafés and Bistros in which the cake decision is littler and doesn’t require huge amounts of produces to address the client’s issues, the static ventilation will allow for the cakes to be kept up at the best temperature over the day.


Patisserie Counter


4. Deli Display Fridge

Deli Display Fridge splendidly fits for displaying a major style of goods including sandwiches, new vegetables, cheddar, and so on.

The Deli Counter Fridge temperature must range between 4-6 Celsius with static ventilation, which will keep the food at the absolute best standards through the day.

In any case, whenever chose to introduce restrictive styles of produce in a similar Deli Fridge, it is basic to verify that everything about safety procedures is going with and the item is isolated with partitioning dividers.

What makes the most significant qualification between these makers is acceptable of the item and unmistakable capacities that improve the appearance and upkeep of the item.

If a retailer needs to grandstand its product and make them appealing to its purchasers, they should guarantee that the food is introduced and kept up by considering all the important components.


food display


Size and Capacity

In light of your shop prerequisite, you should see how good arrangement produce should be displayed every day. It’s additionally miles urgent to be conscious of the store and review particular size-related viewpoints.

Fortunately, there are numerous adaptations accessible. Also, ECO-fridge UK gives the Standard Size Serve Over Displays starting from 1 m length notwithstanding a display fridge that permits customisation predictable with everybody’s needs.

Moreover, you might need to consider the profundity of the Serving Counter, similar to the Slim Serve Over Fridge that starts from 60 cm, contingent upon the products displayed and space accessible.



Serve Over Display speaks to the right blend of top-notch creation and toughness. They offer a top-snared light, back canvases surface, encompassing cupboards and chilled underneath. And the entirety of this with a satisfactory introducing region.

This pantry is fitting for clean meat. Along these lines, this Deli Display will give a pleasant alluring sense to any store.

Therefore, we will introduce you the most significant highlights that best speaks to the Serve Over counters.


– Full-length top-mounted light

– Silver coloured steel finish

– Digital temperature control display

– Chilled Under Counter storage

– Low front to maximise display space

– Self-evaporating drainage system

– Stainless Steel drip tray

– 4 Adjustable feet

– Slide-out condensing system

– High-performance long-life fan motor

– 2 Ambient shelves

– CFC-Free insulation

– Low energy compressors

– Full flat front glass for visibility


commercial refrigeration


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The Food Display Counters are a basic piece of a fruitful food business. Exhibiting the kind of goods accessible in the shop intrigues the clients to discover your place and purchase items.

Adequately giving the items and saving their condition can be testing. The Deli Display Counters are intended to guarantee that suppers might be situated on racks while holding their newness.

Individuals ceaselessly settle on to shop meat from areas where they can really consider them to be as they have to comprehend that it’s far clean and new.

The Counter Fridge is accessible reachable when you need to sell your food stock as they give the exact temperature and introduction.

Contact us for additional subtleties and buy today.