Upright Storage Fridge

Upright Storage Fridge range represent the perfect selection for storing meat and other food at optimum chilled conditions. And all within a Stainless steel commercial fridge elegant frame.

ECO-Fridge Gastronorm fridges have the highest standards components, perfect for your kitchen at the lowest prices, just for you. We offer an amazing range of Storage Fridges.

So, the brand new ECO-Fridge meat fridge units become perfect for any kitchen. Therefore, we offer Premium upright chiller category, to ensure you the best quality.


Upright Storage Fridge

Upright Storage Chiller cabinets are just perfect for putting away meat at ideal chilled conditions. And all inside a Stainless Steel exquisite casing. Most importantly, ECO-Fridge meat fridges are made to the best expectations, ideal for your kitchen at the least costs, only for you. We offer a scope of cooking storage chillers, so ECO-Fridge Gastronorm cabinets are ideal for any kitchen.

A scope of cooking limit chillers, ECO-Fridge upright storage fridge units are made to the best expectations, ideal for your kitchen at the most minimal costs, only for you.

The Heavy Duty Double Door White Steel Upright Fridge perfectly fit in outlets where high quantity food storage is a necessity. These double door white steel chillers represent the definition of reliability and durability in commercial refrigeration.

A typical sight in both commercial and home kitchens, millions profit by the adaptability and comfort of an upstanding storage fridge every day.

If you are hoping to expand your chilled storage alternatives, however, would prefer not to bargain or lessen significant kitchen floor space, at that point an upright storage chiller could give an uncommon answer for your necessities.

Also, where a storage chest freezer or cold room isn’t practical an upstanding chiller can give a similar degree of refrigeration, but with a diminished kitchen impression.

Whatever the size or determination you require (regardless of whether it be a couple of door model with a little or huge limit) you will make certain to discover a commercial refrigerator to satisfy your business requirements.

Not just utensils, our extents remember a la mode alternatives for a scope of completions and produced using quality segments.


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Premium Upright Chiller

Premium Upright Chiller with Stainless Steel inside and outside is essentially ideal for putting away and cooling meat at correct chilled conditions and all inside a rich edge. A scope of providing food limit chillers, ECO-Fridge upright meat fridge cabinets are made to the best expectations, ideal for your kitchen.

Furthermore, to guarantee the most minimal costs, we have the standard classification of these Upright Fridge cabinets. Storage your chilled nourishment in an ECO-Fridge Upright Storage Chiller. Accessible in a variety of sizes, from restricted storage fridge units to twofold fronted door fridge cabinets, you can pick the perfect model for your retail space.

Additionally, we have the white steel upright chiller models from the single door unit, that is the less expensive one, to the Heavy Double door storage fridge.

Perfect for use in an eatery, canteen, or any area which requires the unit to work under the high temperatures of a bustling kitchen while giving abundant storage limit, upright storage fridge units can work to 43 Celsius surrounding, making them reasonable for chilling meat.

Solid and productive, the upright storage fridge cabinets are perfect for use in any commercial kitchen where you’re dealing with new nourishment all the time. Contingent upon the dimensions of your cookery and the level of new goods you have to save, buy a single door chiller, or a double door upright chiller.

Each plan is eco-accommodating, including lockable doors, 75mm protection and a removable unit for simplicity of overhauling. The evaporator fan close naturally when you open the door and the temperature caution is activated should the inner level fall underneath a worthy, safe level.


Upright Storage Fridge


Premium Upright Fridge

Dependable and proficient, the upright storage fridge is developed particularly for commercial use with a scope of highlights intended to keep products chilled to an ideal, safe temperature, basic to any commercial kitchen condition. The aluminium inside and Stainless Steel trickle attempt guarantee the commercial refrigerator stays liberated from rust for a long life expectancy in your kitchen.

The movable uncompromising racks permit you to tweak the format of the storage chiller to suit your everyday storage necessities and the four flexible feet guarantee your fridge is in the ideal situation consistently.

An ECO-Fridge upright storage chiller is a fundamental expansion to any cutting edge proficient kitchen where right chilling and safe nourishment storage is vital.

Effectively screen the temperature of your upright fridge with the computerized control check. The elite engine guarantees ideal chilling consistently and the replaceable door gasket considers simple upkeep.

All ECO-Fridge commercial refrigeration follow commercial nourishment cleanliness enactment.


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