Chest Freezer

Chest Freezer represent the perfect food, patisserie and ice cream freezer solution. With its high performance and energy efficient, our chest display freezers are made from the best premium European components.

Whether you’re offering frozen ready meals or vegetables, ice cream or lollies, a professional lid chest Freezer ensures your products are perfectly displayed and kept at the ideal temperature for long time storage. Check for more amazing display freezer units by visiting the Standard Glass Doors Freezer and the Premium Upright Display Freezer category to buy all you need for your business. Or maybe you want a laboratory freezer, like ultra low temperature freezer.


Chest Freezer

The Chest Display Freezer with sliding glass door guarantees your items are shown unmistakably and kept at an ideal temperature for long capacity. This bureau is ideal for bistros, comfort stores, forecourts and comparable providing food organizations.

Chest Freezer speaks to the ideal nourishment, cakes and ice cream freezer arrangement. With its superior and vitality proficient, our chest freezers are produced using the best premium segments.

Regardless of whether you’re offering solidified prepared dinners or vegetables, dessert or lollies, a chest lid freezer guarantees your items are superbly shown and kept at the perfect temperature for long time stockpiling.

Check for additionally astonishing commercial freezer units by visiting our Display Freezer range to purchase all you require for your business. Or, perhaps, you need a laboratory freezer, with ultra-low temperature features.

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– White steel exterior

– Curved sliding glass lids

– 4 Castors for ease of cleaning

– Adjustable thermostat

– 2 energy-saving LED strip lights

– 4 Baskets

– CFC-Free insulation

– ECO Friendly

– Temperatures: -18 / -24 °C

– Capacity: 400 L – 500 L

Advantages and Features

A chest freezer is likely the most advantageous items you can discover today and it might even spare a few expenses over the long haul. Chest display freezer gives you abundant space to embrace a bit of leeway of putting away a greater part of the meat. And to occasional freeze berries and sticks, with the every day transitory things and produce ahead dinners.

Chest lid freezers offer numerous advantages to the client about value, stockpiling limit just as. The sliding chest freezer is effectively the most conservative cooler you can discover today. Fundamentally, every inch from the chest freezer is usable-capacity.

These chest freezers have worked in sidewall protection to clutch their cool temperatures well for a more drawn out time and in this way utilize least-vitality to work. Above all, should you face power blackouts or perhaps you are moving to an alternate house, an unplugged sliding door chest freezer will save the items cold for as long as 3 days, given that the top is shut.

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Chest Freezer – the best seller freezer so far

Running a cake shop, convenience store or café, at that point you most likely comprehend the significance of a chest display freezer. For eatery proprietors, regardless of how inviting their indulgences, the correct cooking and capacity gear’s are essential.

A little commercial freezer is especially intended for stocking solidified nourishment items in gigantic amounts. In the event that you are hoping to purchase a display freezer to store solidified goods for quite a long time, a chest freezer is all you need.

The standard cooking apparatus is regularly unreasonably little for an eatery’s needs, and no doubt won’t supply request. Defective business machines can cause a similar issue – an item that doesn’t work right can demolish stock, restricting your day by day yield and forestalling deals.

With regards to a chest freezer, it’s a significant piece of the set up of any eatery and helps shops to store their items for an extended time without having a taste change.

You can’t envision how much turnover you will create by introducing such commercial refrigeration cabinets. In like manner, huge grocery stores and even wholesalers keep a large number of pounds of frozen products by having chest display freezers introduced in their premises.

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Utilize Commercial Chest Freezers to present your products

These commercial freezers are accessible in a wide range of styles and measurements. You should ensure that you select the display freezer that totally suits in your store. Significantly, the chest freezers can stay aware of the capability of the bistro.

In the event that the measurement is little, at that point it won’t have the option to give the nourishments of a store. And if it is bigger than the capability of your environment, at that point will be a lot of empty space which isn’t attractive by any means. So it is significant to select the correct measurement as indicated by the particulars of your company.

The chest freezer accompanies cup doors which additionally encourages you to spare vitality as the passageway isn’t saved beginning for broadened times. And it doesn’t affect the chilling capacity of the freezer. It keeps the nourishments in the most ideal condition.

Ice cream Freezer

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Set the Commercial Freezer to your shop

The Chest Freezers are accessible in a different kind of measurement. Be that as it may, before getting a certain measurement, it is better for you to see your stores first. On the off chance that you have the enormous stores with the immense showroom and region, it is alright to get one or many big chest freezers.

In any case, for the little stores, first, ensure the chest freezer will enter in that space. Other than that, it will forestall different items.

There are two kinds of commercial Chest Freezers for you to choose from. As a matter of first importance, the freezer is in the individual passageway as it were. This sort of commercial freezers is done with the cup content for the entryways.

As a rule, this commercial display freezer is for the stores to keep the cool devour. Since the measurement isn’t so large, so you may put in any place you need to put. In any case, it must be without a doubt that force must be very much connected with the freezers.

Besides, you may get chest freezers in the double entryways. It is bigger than the individual doors. In this manner, you should put it in the magnificent spot with the goal that this item won’t forestall the demonstration of your stores.

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Our offer

ECO-fridge UK ltd has for the moment 2 chest display freezers in its offer.

The prices for these chest display freezers are £495 + VAT, respectively £550 + VAT.

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Chest Freezer

W 1270 mm; £495 + VAT

First, is the 1270 mm longer cabinet, with all the features presented above. It has 2 sliding glass doors and 4 internal baskets.

ice cream Freezer

W 1510 mm; £550 + VAT

The second one has 1510 mm width, the same amazing features, 4 baskets, and 2 sliding lid doors.

We have also the laboratory low and ultra-low temperature chest freezers, with temperature ranges down to -86 Celsius.

Low temperature freezer

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