Storage Freezer

Storage Freezer cabinets have components especially for commercial use In addition, we provide a range of features designed to keep your meat chilled to an ideal, safe temperature. And this represent an essential criteria to any commercial canteen environment.

The aluminium interior and stainless steel drip ensure the freezer remains free from rust for a lengthy life span. Moreover, the adjustable shelves allow you to customise the layout of the upright freezer to suit your daily storage requirements.


The 4 adjustable feet ensure your storage freezers stay in the perfect position at all times. And for limited environments, we provide under counter freezer units. Consequently, these come in many ranges, from one door to 4 doors cabinets. So, these durable commercial refrigeration freezers perfectly fit in any restaurant, hotel and canteen. And this because, the food safety is highly important. So, buy today.


Storage Freezer

Commercial freezers have numerous choices and highlights that make them interesting for any commercial condition. They can be chest freezer or upright freezer ranges, respectively storage freezer or display freezer.

Chest freezer sits on a level plane on the ground and is profound when contrasted with upright freezers. This may be perfect while including nourishment things into it. However, it likewise implies you’ll have to burrow for more established things.

In other words, upright freezer looks tons like commercial meat fridge units. They stand vertically and include a proportional way that a commercial fridge does to convey the things on the fluctuated racks and compartments.

Relies upon your requirements, your decisions can vary without a doubt. Chest freezers can have progressively proficient highlights, being centred only for storage.


Along these lines, those are the 3 commercial freezer classifications:


storage freezer


Upright Storage Freezer

Upright Storage Freezer has proficient highlights to splendidly stock the solidified nourishment in the best conditions.

These have commercial kitchens as the principle goal. This kind of upright freezer is additionally named Meat Freezer in light of its goal.

The upright storage freezer consents to the sanitation guidelines. Also, the aluminium inside and hardened steel outside assurance that the freezer stays liberated from rust for quite a while.

The temperature is from – 18 C to – 24 C. The cost is somewhere in the range of £590 and £1520, relies upon the size and highlights.


meat freezer


Under Counter Freezer

UnderCounter Freezer consent to all the ideal chilled storage prerequisites in the commercial cookery conditions. These are half-size cupboards to effortlessly fit in providing food kitchens. Additionally, they have castor wheels for simplicity of development and each bureau entryway can be bolted for sanitation.

Under-Counter Freezer cupboards can have one entryway or numerous entryways. They have extraordinary highlights like without CFC protection, low vitality blowers and 304 graded Stainless Steel outside.

The temperatures extend is between 18 – 24 Celsius and the value begins from £490 to £1150.

Under Counter Freezer

Low-Temperature Chest Freezer

Low-temperature Freezer or low temp freezer cupboards have the most elevated freezing execution. These chest freezers suit in emergency clinics, research facilities yet in commercial kitchens with uncommon necessities.

Besides, this laboratory chest freezer has solid segments, entryway storage, door locks, temperature alert, and a lot more highlights.

Their ability extends somewhere in the range of 130 and 500 litres. The low temp chest freezer temperature may tumble down to – 86°C!

We offer a scope of limits from 130 litres to just about 500 litres for each need of any space. Thus, a laboratory freezer has temperatures down to – 45°C, – 60°C, or – 86°C.

We guarantee FREE conveyance and establishment in around 3 weeks from certain instalment.


laboratory freezer


GLE low temp chest freezer

GLE low temp chest freezer splendidly fit when you should store items at an ideal temperature for quite a while. The GLE Range arrives in a scope of temperatures down to – 45°C. What’s more, have estimates somewhere in the range of 130 and 485 litres net volume.


GLK extra-low temperature freezer

GLK extra-low temperature Freezer can store your things at the right temperature for quite a while. The GLK freezer has temperatures go down to – 60°C and sizes from 130 to 485 litres net volume.


VT ultra-low temperature chest freezer

VT ultra-low temperature chest freezer is the most impressive unit from its range. It can stock things at an ultra-low temperature for quite a while. The GLK chest freezer offers temperatures extend down to – 86°C. It incorporates limits from 189 to 368 litres net volume.


commercial freezer


Storage Freezer Maintenance Guide

Commercial Freezer Maintenance is significant for your business to spare time and cash.

Commercial Freezers are a significant piece of most organizations, permitting you to purchase nourishment in mass to spare heaps of time and cash. At times the commercial freezer begins to work inappropriately or even stop. Thus, it will cause muddled issues.

Regardless of whether you have a chest freezer or upright freezer, you might want to understand the correct commercial freezer maintenance. In this way, you need to make them run productively and easily for the present on.

Along these lines, we invite you to click on the link and read the Commercial Freezer Maintenance Guide.


commercial refrigeration maintenance


Cleaning the Storage Freezer

Having a filthy, frosted over freezer can radically diminish its effectiveness, blast your quality bill and wreck your spared nourishment. Upsetting scents and tastes can affect your items.

In any case, you may maintain a strategic distance from this with the guide of giving your property framework a decent smooth. In a perfect world, you have to smooth your freezer, in any event, two times per year.


restaurant freezer


1.Wipe ice down with a warm material.

You have to dissolve any ice that may have developed inside your storage freezer. Start by method for the use of a fabric plunged in hot, lathery water to wipe it down. When the edges start to liquefy, the ice pieces should sever.

When it goes down, garbage it in the sink. Utilize a wet material to wipe down the dividers and floor of the freezer to push off any extra ice.


2.Clean the storage freezer with a wipe.

Utilize a microfiber texture plunged inside the decision to wipe down the entryway, segments and floor of your freezer. You would perhaps at the same time need to repeat this progression to expel extra interminable stains.

Remember to clean the gasket too. Utilizing an old utilized toothbrush and the cleaning total, scour any earth off it and wipe the buildup with a wipe.


3.Dry your commercial freezer.

Before returning some component, you’d have to dry the storage freezer with the help of microfiber texture. This will get rid of any additional dampness inside. That way, you forestall any extra development ice once you shut the entryway and the temperature drops.


4.Wash the cupboards and drawers.

You should clean the drawers and retires before returning them to the storage freezer. Utilize warm, lathery water to clean them and get them dry with a smooth material. Put them decline returned in the freezer and close to the entryway.


5.Return nourishment to the commercial freezer.

To begin with, you should trust that the temperature will tumble down. At that point, you can restore any products you have taken out and you’re completely done!


6.Tips for a correct cleaning

– Avoid scouring the ice utilizing a blade. Subsequently, you may harm the commercial freezer dividers.

– Do no longer utilize bubbling water immediately to your dividers to avoid adverse them. Make favourable to clear any more water off the floor a short time later to spare you slips and falls.

– If you don’t have the opportunity to smooth your storage freezer, there are various alternatives. Most advanced models have a self-defrosting highlight. This makes cleaning them quicker and simpler.

– If you’re not, at this point prepared for another of gear, you can call an expert cleaning.


storage freezer


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