Upright Storage Freezer

Upright Storage Freezer cabinets represent the ideal solution for commercial kitchens. Moreover, they ensure you keep chilled meat in an ideal, safe temperature, essential to any commercial canteen environment.

The aluminium interior and stainless steel drip assure the freezer remains free from rust for a long time. Also, the adjustable shelves allow you to customise the layout of the storage freezer to suit your daily storage requirements. And the 4 adjustable feet ensure your meat freezer stays in the perfect position at all times.

Consequently, these durable commercial refrigeration freezers become ideal for restaurants, hotels and canteens. And there, the food safety represents maximum importance. The control system have a cabinet probe, an evaporator probe and a condenser probe. And this assure you can monitor the temperature quickly and easily. So, if the temperature drop, the door alarm start to alert you.


Upright Freezer

Commercial Freezers are a significant piece of most organizations, permitting you to purchase food in mass to spare loads of time and cash. Once in a while, the storage freezer begins to work inappropriately or even stop. In this way, it will cause muddled issues.

Upright Storage Freezers have racking compartments in them, fundamentally the same as a Drinks Fridge. This offers an extraordinary route for merchandise to be flawlessly composed on various retires all through the bureau. In the past, upright storage freezers were believed to be increasingly helpful, therefore.

The different racks permit a superior association, especially in the event that you select a model that grants you to move the racks to raised utilize the space.

In any case, bigger solidified things aren’t getting the chance to fit well inside the upright freezer because of the racking compartments. This lessens the space vertically, giving no space for tall things, similar to an outsized turkey or ham. For this situation, you’ll need a chest freezer.

What’s more, the door’s temperature may now and again get hotter than inside. Thus, while you increase some storage on the doors, you’ll make some troublesome memories keeping everything at a decent temperature.

Upright storage freezers require less floor space, yet the door must have enough space to swing open inside the correct course. There must be at least an in behind the commercial freezer at all occasions. So it can’t be introduced flush against the divider behind it. There ought to try and be an available fitting connector.


upright storage freezer


Why is – 18°C the ideal freezer temperature?

Food Safety regulations suggest – 18°C as the perfect temperature for solidified nourishment.

At first, at the beginning of current freezing, – 10°C was viewed as the protected temperature for putting away solidified nourishment. Notwithstanding, as we found increasingly more about the nature and advantages of freezing, lower temperatures were perceived as being progressively appropriate.

In the late 1930s, the American Fruit and Vegetable Alliance supported that a frosty temperature of 0°F (- 17.8°C) be kept up, to a great extent on the premise that 0°F was a pleasant round number. It was a long while later that the adjusted temperature of – 18°C got acknowledged as the standard nourishment frosty temperature in Europe.

In 1964, the International Institute of Refrigeration suggested a base temperature of – 18°C for solidified nourishment. Both national and worldwide boards of trustees concurred with this and immovably embraced the figure in standards and laws.

At that point, based on the 1967 ‘Code of training for solidified nourishments’, the EC Commission thus made its own Directive for fast solidified staple and, in 1989, endorsed a base temperature of – 18°C for the storage of frozen products.

Basically, drop temperatures hinder responses and the engendering of microorganisms.

Specialists have discovered that when put away at between – 30°C and – 18°C, the response rate for foods grown from the ground is a few times slower. For touchy substances specifically, this implies their nutrient substance decays fundamentally quicker at higher temperatures.

Following one year of storage at – 12°C, the nutrient C content in vegetables is just about 20% of the nutrient C substance of those put away for a similar period at – 18°C.


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Upstanding Storage Freezer

Upright Storage Freezer has proficient highlights to consummately stock the solidified food in the best conditions.

These have commercial kitchens as the fundamental goal. This sort of upright storage freezer is likewise named Meat Freezer on account of its goal.

The upright freezer consents to the sanitation guidelines. Furthermore, the aluminium inside and stainless steel outside assurance that the storage freezer stays liberated from rust for quite a while.

The temperature is from – 18 C to – 24 C. The cost is somewhere in the range of £590 and £1520, relies upon the size, finishes and highlights.

Buying any commercial freezer may present wellbeing concerns when kids are near. Kids can without much of a stretch open the door of the freezer and move inside, even as a baby can get into the upright freezer.

The upright storage freezer is frequently set on the auto-defrost choice at that point cleaned down. This takes less time and gives to a lesser extent a cerebral pain and spinal pain when clearing out the inside of the storage freezer.


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Standard Upright Freezer

The Standard Upright Freezer is an in-vogue providing food unit, perfect for totally any cooking condition with an enormous volume limit. Subsequently, you can be guaranteed you will buy a truly dependable and savvy commercial freezer. Additionally, it is intended to work to 43 C encompassing.


  • Stainless Steel exterior
  • Gastronorm (meat) friendly
  • Fitted castors
  • Removable door gasket
  • Magnetic door gasket
  • Door in 18/10 stainless steel
  • Full height door handle
  • Digital temp display
  • Insulation 75mm thick in water-based polyurethane foam with denseness approximately 42 kg/m3
  • Defrost water evaporation system with superheated
  • Forced air refrigeration system
  • Evaporator fan shuts-off automatically when opening the door
  • Energy savings auto-defrost cycle
  • Ladder rack in 18/10 stainless steel
  • Defrost water evaporation utilizing a thermostatic heater
  • Protected compressor with overheat cut-out & automatic reset
  • Temperature controller with alarm signalling
  • Controller equipped with cabinet probe, evaporator probe and condenser probe



Width: 600 mm to 1440 mm

Depth: 700 mm to 900 mm

Height: 1860 mm to 2000 mm

Temperatures: -18 to -24 °C


upright freezer


Premium Upright Freezer

The Premium Stainless Steel Upright Freezer is our top-of-the-extend in high-graded steel providing food unit. It is also perfect for completely any cooking condition with an enormous volume limit, just as working brilliantly under the extremely hot temperature of a bustling kitchen. So you can be guaranteed you will buy a truly dependable Upright Freezer.

They are likewise intended to work to 43 C surrounding.


  • Digital temp display
  • 304 high-grade Stainless Steel interior and exterior
  • Gastronorm (meat) friendly
  • Insulation 75mm thick in water-based polyurethane
  • Removable door gasket
  • Door in AISI 304 18/10 stainless steel
  • Fitted castors
  • Locks to door
  • Magnetic door gasket
  • Energy savings auto-defrost cycle
  • Integrated door handle
  • Top monoblock system
  • Monoblock unit removable
  • Evaporator fan shuts off automatically when opening the door
  • Defrost water evaporation system with superheated gas for appliances with remote cooling unit
  • Temperature controller with alarm signalling
  • Forced air refrigeration system
  • Defrost water evaporation
  • Able to adjust the humidity inside the cabinet
  • Ladder rack in AISI 304 18/10 stainless steel
  • Controller equipped with cabinet probe, evaporator probe and condenser probe
  • Protected compressor with overheat cut out & automatic reset



Width: 740 mm (single door) or 1400 mm (double door)

Depth: 830 mm

Height: 2000 mm

Temperatures: -18 to -24 Celsius.


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Heavy-Duty Upright Storage Freezer

This High-Spec White Heavy-Duty Upright Freezer is perfect for outlets where full stature solidified storage is a need. These white steel storage freezers are of genuine commercial development offering dependable sturdiness.


  • 5 Adjustable heavy-duty shelves
  • Aluminium interior for long life
  • 2 Adjustable feet for levelling and 4 Fitted Castors or 4 Adjustable feet
  • Replaceable door gasket
  • Auto defrost
  • Digital temperature control display
  • Stainless Steel drip tray
  • Low energy compressors
  • CFC-Free insulation
  • Suitable for use in high ambient
  • High-performance long-life fan motor



Width: 600 mm (single door) or 1200 mm (double door)

Depth: 680 mm

Height: 1960 mm (single door) or 1900 mm (double door)

Temperatures: -18 / -24 Celsius.


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