Meat Freezer

Meat Freezer improve functionality of any commercial kitchen with its range of features. Consequently, gastronorm freezers keep the food (meat) chilled to an optimum, safe temperature.

The aluminium interior and stainless steel drip ensure the upright storage freezer remains free from rust for a long period. Each freezer features 75mm thick foam insulation for optimum freezing capacity. And this provide alongside a controlled forced air cooling system for efficiency. The evaporator fan cuts out automatically when the door gets opened.

The storage freezer can enter easily in maintenance. In addition, auto-defrost feature provide energy saving. And the internal humidity control ensures you can adjust the temperature and required. All commercial refrigeration units comply with food hygiene legislation. And they minimise food wastage in a commercial kitchen environment.


Upright Meat Freezer

Produced using premium stainless steel, these sturdy, eco-accommodating storage meat freezers are perfect for commercial kitchens, where sanitation is absolutely critical. Mounted on castors for simplicity of development, every door can be bolted for security.

The control framework is furnished with an evaporator probe, a bureau test, and a condenser test, guaranteeing you can screen the temperature rapidly and without any problem. Should the temperature drop, the door caution will be enacted to alarm you.

Every upstanding meat freezer highlights 75mm thick froth protection for ideal freezing limit, close by a controlled constrained air cooling framework for proficiency. The evaporator fan removes consequently when the door is opened and the chiller unit is removable for simple upkeep. The auto-defrost include is perfect for vitality sparing and the inside moistness control guarantees you can alter the temperature and required.

Meat Freezer is perfect for any providing food condition where ideal freezing and abundant nourishment storage are basic. Our Premium Stainless Steel upright meat freezers are completely working in the warmth of a bustling kitchen, working up to a most extreme temperature of 43ºC.

Accessible in single or twofold door, pick the size to suit you. Eco-Fridge UK is offering the best-quality meat freezer units, yet additionally, the best costs, that you’ll adore. Thus, we have a Standard scope of meat freezers with lower costs to suit every one of your needs.


Gastronorm Freezer

Solid and productive, our Stainless Steel meat freezers are built particularly for commercial use with a scope of highlights intended to keep food (especially meat) chilled to an ideal, safe temperature, basic to any commercial kitchen condition.

The aluminium inside and stainless steel trickle guarantee the upright freezer stays liberated from rust for an extensive life expectancy in your container. The movable hardcore racks permit you to alter the design of the meat freezer to suit your day by day storage necessities and the 4 customizable feet guarantee your cooler is in the ideal situation consistently.

All commercial freezer models in the range conform to food safety and hygiene enactment and are intended to limit nourishment wastage in a commercial situation.


Meat Freezer


Putting away Meat in the Upright Gastronorm Freezer

Meat put away in the storage freezer ought to be kept at 0† F (- 18°C).

Freezer storage times for cooked meats are shorter than crude meat because of what’s known as flavour pollute. Certain flavours oxidize in the storage freezer after a timeframe.

Whenever solidified meat has defrosted, refreezing isn’t suggested except if it is cooked first, for various reasons:

The quality endures each time solidified meat is defrosted and refrozen. Freezing makes ice gems inside the structure of the meat (as meat contains a high level of water). These ice precious stones break the fibre which makes the meat drain when defrosted. Whenever rehashed, the surface of the meat will be exceptionally dry.

Never refreeze meat which has been defrosted and held at room temperature.


How to defrost meat?

Best practice to defrost the meat is to store it in a commercial fridge. Take into consideration that this is the slowest defrosting system. Little solidified things may defrost for the time being in the commercial refrigerator, while bigger things will take fundamentally more.

In a microwave on the defrost setting: Plan to prepare the nourishment following it has defrosted in a microwave, since certain territories of the nourishment may have started cooking during the defrost cycle.


commercial freezer


To what extent can you Store meat in the Storage Freezer?

– Cooked meat: 2 months to 3 months

– Uncooked ground meat: 3 months to 4 months

– Cooked poultry: 4 months

– Uncooked poultry parts: 9 months

– Uncooked entire poultry: 12 months

– Uncooked meals: 4 months to 1 year

– Uncooked steaks or slashes: 4 months to 1 year


Wrap meat bundling in water/air proof cling wrap or freezer paper on the off chance that you need to save it for longer than a few months. This goes for fish, as well.

Flavorful and nutritious, meat and fish are a key segment to most families’ suppers. The main drawback is they will go off in under 7 days. There is an approach to expand this, however. In the event that you freeze your meat or fish in a commercial meat freezer, it can last any longer.

Shockingly, solidified meat or fish that is kept at a temperature of less than 0† F (- 18°C). or lower will be sheltered to eat for a decent scarcely any months. Microorganisms and organisms like microbes, yeast, and shape can’t develop at this temperature.

The more you leave it in the meat freezer, the lower the nature of meat. Meat can become freezer consumed, which means the surface gets got dried out. Indications of meat freezer copy incorporate dryness, white patches of ice gems, and staining.