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Low Temperature Freezer represent the ideal solution for use in hospitals, clinics and laboratories. Here, extremely low temperatures represent a standard in the storage freezer requirements. Moreover, a Laboratory Freezer from ECO-Fridge UK can also be used in commercial kitchens.

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Here we commonly find under counter freezer and meat freezer. But, when the requirements have higher standards, you’ll need an ultra low temperature freezer. They come in a range of sizes from 130 litres to almost 500 litres capacity to suit the needs of any space. So, the range of commercial extra-low temperature chest freezers have temperatures of -45°C to -86°C, depending on the model specification.



Perfect for use in laboratories, facilities and research centres where very low temperatures are required as standard, a low-temperature freezer from ECO-Fridge is additionally perfect for use in commercial kitchens.

Also, handily set and program the laboratory freezer with the electronic indoor regulator, which keeps the pre-set temperature consistent at +/ – 1 °C. Thus, the temperature is handily checked in the outer advanced display and should it move over your determination. Along these lines, a safety caution will sound to alarm you. Thus, in case of a force cut, the temperature will just ascent slowly.

All ECO-Fridge low temp chest freezer units are anything but difficult to clean, with interior adjusted corners to forestall the collection of waste. The smooth castors allow you to move the unit effectively and the lock guarantees the substance are sheltered and secure consistently. And this is especially imperative in medical clinic and laboratory conditions where tests may get pointless in the event that they are not kept cool enough.

All commercial freezer models in the range conform to food cleanliness enactment and are intended to limit nourishment wastage in a commercial kitchen condition.

Buying the ideal storage laboratory freezer can be perfect for keeping and dropping your temperature-sensitive examples. In the event that you need to supplant the old hardware or setting up another office, we’ve plotted a couple of key contemplations to assist you with choosing which chest freezer splendidly fit in your laboratory.


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Universally useful laboratory commercial refrigerator temperature run (approx) 0 C to 10 C (32 to 5 F).

– Commercial freezer: – 30 to 0 C (- 22 to 32 F).

– Ultra low temperature freezer: – 86 to – 40 C (- 40 to – 122 F).

– Cryogenic freezers descend to – 125 C (- 193 F).


Life mechanical expertise research centres require a chest freezer temperature scope of – 40 to – 20 C to give secure and solid storage conditions for loads of various types of cells and reagents. A large portion of the present low-temperature freezers likewise offers the decision of a virtual setpoint and temperature appear.

Clinical, natural and in vogue laboratory tests have exact temperature wants. What’s more, in this way it is top of the line to understand your careful necessities before settling on a choice.



The laboratory freezer capacity depends upon promptly on the number of tests or appraisals required for storage. It’s an enormous plan to check the outside measurements to verify that the new low-temperature freezer fits into its exceptional area.

Bigger research medical clinics or labs can likewise require bigger contraptions. Or then again, too, a few littler units to satisfy their storage prerequisites. Numerous littler contraptions now and again can offer a lean format bringing about less vacation. Think about fate prerequisites while buying your new laboratory chest freezer. This could spare you additional expenses inside the long haul.

We offer a range of limits between 130 litres and just about 500 litres. Thus, our low temp freezer units have temperatures down to – 45°C, – 60°C, or – 86°C.



In GLP and GMP look into exercises and in bunches of various labs, recording of temperature realities and alerts turned into an indispensable capacity. Which comes notably with a considerable lot of the present laboratory freezers.

An insights lumberjack and temperature caution help keep your examples secure utilizing following temperature varieties inside the low temp chest freezer. What’s more, sounding some kind of notice if the temperature surpasses the preset edge.

Then again, exists numerous different kinds of cautions that might be requested alongside your new storage freezer. Visual or discernible temperature caution, computerized key lock on doors, temperature diagram recorder, reinforcement battery framework to guarantee your unit doesn’t prevent working through power blackouts. Or on the other hand, even a chip control to guarantee more noteworthy consistency and additional accuracy in temperature control.

Taking everything into account, we should discuss numerous different necessities for the ideal lab freezer. Be that as it may, those keys will assist you with choosing the perfect commercial fridge and low temp freezer.


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Low-Temperature Chest Freezer speaks to the ideal answer for use in medical clinics and labs. What’s more, this since low temperatures become a standard in the storage chest freezer cupboards. Besides, a low temp freezer may likewise fit in commercial cookeries.

Be that as it may, while the prerequisites ascend at better expectations, you should have a low or ultra-low temperature freezer.

Consequently, we offer a scope of limits from 130 litres to very nearly 500 litres for each need of any space. In this way, a storage low temp freezer has temperatures down to – 45°C, – 60°C, or – 86°C.

We offer FREE conveyance and establishment in roughly 3 weeks from certain instalment.


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You can discover in our offer the GLE, the GLK, and the VT laboratory freezers:

1.GLE low temp chest freezer splendidly fit when you should store items at an ideal temperature for quite a while. The GLE Range arrives in a scope of temperatures down to – 45°C. Furthermore, have measures somewhere in the range of 130 and 485 litres net volume.

2.GLK extra-low temperature freezer can store your things at the right temperature for quite a while. The GLK freezer has temperatures run down to – 60°C and sizes from 130 to 485 litres net volume.

3.VT ultra-low temperature chest freezer is the most impressive unit from its range. This laboratory chest freezer can stock things at an ultra-low temperature for a long time. The GLK laboratory freezer offers temperatures go down to – 86°C. It incorporates the limit run from 189 to 368 litres net volume.