About Us

In the sector of commercial refrigeration, the type of technology chosen can have a considerable impact on the well-being of the environment. Eco-Fridge UK Ltd was the first company over many years ago to adopt green solutions. Many others have since followed us along this road.
Our distinctive hallmark of rigorous research and development has enabled us to offer innovative high-value product which dramatically reduce:

– Purchasing costs
– Operation costs
– Energy consumption
– Refrigeration charge
– Footprint
A product which offers sustainable development, saving, reliability and safety.

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As a family business, our values are resolutely family values. This means that honesty, fairness, respect and hard work run through all that we do.
We believe in businesses behaving ethically are more financially successful and sustainable. Our reputation will always reflect the reality of what we are.
Eco-fridge history is characterised by our culture – creativity, passion, courage and always learning and the highest regards for ethics and integrity underpinned by family values. Our future will be too.
We are focused on achieving the long-term sustainable success of our business and we are committed to good corporate governance, guided by the key principles of transparency, accountability and ethical conduct.

Ethical is Our World

It is the way we conduct ourselves, in every aspect of our business. We never try to oversell or look at short term solutions, we work with you to fulfil exactly what you need for your business. All under one roof, a choice of 337 different cabinets like: display fridge / display freezer and storage fridge / storage freezer, available for delivery. Eco-Fridge display or storage cabinets are designed specially to work best with whichever Coffee Shops, Convenience Stores, Restaurants and Bars. As an independent specialty Refrigeration Display Cabinets Manufacturer , we manufacture on a small scale, you’ll always get the exact fridge/freezer you want and will work for you, when you want it, and no order is too small. We take real pride in crafting solutions specific to our clients needs. Whether you run a coffee shop, convenience store, restaurant or supermarket , we can come up with a bespoke commercial refrigeration solution for you.

Mission Statement

Eco-Fridge provides a comprehensive range of superior display refrigeration and commercial refrigeration equipment to the leading Hospitality and Institutional markets of the United Kingdom.

Vision Statement

Eco-Fridge is widely recognized throughout United Kingdom and Europe as a market leader in providing superior quality and environmentally-friendly display refrigeration and commercial catering equipment solutions, ensuring outstanding results for our clients. We will be highly regarded and respected for our commitment and relationships with our staff, client, manufacturing partners and the community at large.

The People

Eco-Fridge recognizes that their staff are the key to success. Great product and pricing carry little weight if staff communication, efforts and professionalism are not of the highest possible standard.

At Eco-Fridge we encourage employee participation and we seek to work with and develop the skills and knowledge base of our staff at all times. The growth of our business runs parallel with the growth of our staff and our valued clients.

The company and staff embrace a ‘CAN DO ATTITUDE’ and works hard to accept and meet all challenges placed before us. Every challenge represents an opportunity – we will listen and will react to our customers’ requests and market trends.

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The Company

Eco-Fridge was founded by Mr K Traboulsi: Managing Director – Thirty Five years of manufacturing display refrigeration cabinets.

Recognizing the potential of Eco products in the United Kingdom and Europe, Kass began manufacturing in Oxford and soon found the demand was high and acquired a large factory to meet increasing sales.

While manufacturing for Coffee Shops, Restaurants and Hotels, he was constantly asked for different products which started his Research and Development of new and additional quality products.

Twenty years later he and his team are still developing and manufacturing quality products that match our local and international market requirements.

Eco-Fridge chooses their partner factories after much investigation and discussion. It is our aim to work with Companies and manufacturers that satisfy our criteria in the following areas:

  • Product Quality
  • Value for Money
  • Care for the Environment
  • Long Term Partnership
  • Respect and Care of Employees

In fact, Eco-Fridge has built up strong business partnerships with local and overseas factories and work in partnership with UK manufacturers to provide an extensive range of products.

With a modest base in Buckingham MK18, the business generates sales UK wide and recently entered the European Market. The sales are made with several distribution channels consisting of Agents, Dealers, Distributors and Intend Traders.

commercial refrigerationThe Product Range

Evolving through thousands of kilometres traveled through numbers of countries, numbers of factories and 35 years of experience. So, we have a current range of products that meet the demands of the United Kingdom and European market in terms of quality, price, fit for purpose and reliability:

  • multideck: with shutter, slimline multideck fridge, hi capacity multideck chiller, low front multideck.
  • patisserie fridge: hot pastry display, serve over cabinet, cake fridge.
  • drinks fridge: glass door fridge, glass door freezer, wine cooler, cigar humidor cabinet,
  • storage chiller: under counter fridge, meat fridge.
  • freezer: display freezer, ice cream freezer, chest freezer, storage freezer, under counter and meat freezers.
  • laboratory ultra low temperature freezer.

Whilst we can be pleased with our range, we are continually looking to develop more products and currently have several exciting new projects under test and trial. Our continuing investment in product development is a high priority and secures our future in the United Kingdom and European market servicing the Hospitality Industry.

Eco-Fridge markets the range of products with pride under the brand name of Frost-Tech.

The name has earned a solid reputation across the world and is continuously being recognised by National Accounts, Franchise groups, Distributors, Dealers and end-users alike.

With a range in excess of 35 product groups and 320 models, Eco-Fridge has a unique offering providing a solution to most coffee shops, Deli, Bakery and commercial kitchen equipment.

Eco-Fridge equipment provides:

  • Quality
  • Value for Money
  • Reliability
  • High quality with good performance and reliability
  • Safe and fit for use by consumers; considerations are given to ergonomic designs that allow for ease of access to products by consumers and customers who are physically challenged.
  • Easy to install, service and re-manufacture.  All equipment with modular components are easy to replace or access for repair and maintenance.  All components do not require special tools for repair, other than the refrigeration system.
  • Cost effective to maintain.
  • Capable of merchandising most packages and product portfolios.
  • Durable for multiple moves between facilities and customer locations.
  • Coolers meet or exceed most national and local energy regulations for most countries.

Eco-Fridge enjoys the support of Dealers and Distributors across the United Kingdom. National accounts with some leading Coffee Shops, Restaurants and Fast Food Franchise Outlets, gives Eco-Fridge and its products increased brand awareness and credibility.