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Display Cabinets are mainly found in superstores, shops and supermarkets that wants to maximise presentation of cold goods. These multi-level chillers are ideal for encouraging impulse “grab and go” purchases.

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Configurations are available to hold fresh meats, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, and general purpose goods meaning that this versatile equipment can be tailored to meet all display demands.

Here, at Eco Fridge UK, we put all our passion, creativity and hard work into creating these perfect Display Cabinets.

Optimise presentation of your products with our commercial refrigeration display cabinets that are designed to house and display various food or beverage products in an elegant and easily accessible manner, all perfectly cooled and ready for serve.


Commercial Fridge

ECO-Fridge UK Ltd has become one of the most important commercial fridge manufacturers and providers in the UK. We stock a noteworthy scope of display fridge cabinets like drinks fridge and open chiller multideck classifications.

We give a broad assortment of commercial refrigeration multideck models. Also, these display cabinets ideal suit in any environmental factors from espresso stores to large commercial retailers.

As an overall commercial fridge manufacturer, we constantly set our customers first by giving the best commercial refrigerator cabinets. In this way, we have among our customers a portion of the world’s most perceptible brands.


commercial fridge partners


Display Cabinets

All our commercial display cabinets are altogether tried to the best expectations so you can purchase with certainty. As a major aspect of our hard work, we will convey, amass and introduce your unit, fit to be loaded with your items.

Such is our notoriety for quality and dependability, we are glad to be the progressing providers of commercial refrigeration equipment to driving names, for example, Wenzels Bakery, Gail’s Bakery, Costa Coffee, Cafe Nero, and Coffee1.

At ECO-Fridge ltd UK, we stock reliable and cheap models of display cabinets available, guaranteeing that your pastries, nourishment and drinks are held at ideal newness and prepared to serve.

At the point when stock should be kept cool, a commercial fridge guarantees that it’s not just kept at the ideal serving temperature. It additionally appealingly stocks to boost deals. Regardless of whether it’s being utilized in a bar, sandwich shop, pub or convenience store, there’s an extraordinary display fridge choice to best product nourishment or beverages.

ECO-Fridge have an awesome scope of high-quality commercial fridge cabinets to suit an entire host of chilled providing food and nourishment service applications. We have numerous particular classes to browse.


commercial fridge


1. Display Fridge

Display Fridge coordinates a strong development with a getting display to introduce nourishment and beverages. Our commercial fridge speaks to the ideal answer for shops, grocery stores or bistros. Arriving in a broad scope of sizes, highlights and styles you simply need to pick your optimal multideck.

A selection of completions from dark steel to high-graded stainless steel will likewise guarantee that any style is supplemented and upgraded. We supply commercial fridges for over 30 years. Along these lines, we can give you proficient suggestions.

Additionally, we will give you the most hearty, solid commercial fridge display cabinets. What’s more, that will enable your organization to expand the deals and capacity as well as could be expected.

ECO-Fridge display cabinets join solid development with an alluring introduction to show nourishment and drinks. Our commercial display fridge equipment is reasonable for markets or bistros.

Arriving in a wide assortment of sizes and shapes you’ll require just to pick your best commercial fridge cabinet. Obviously, buyers should pick the sizes, as far as width, stature and profundity.


display fridge


Multideck Fridge

The Multideck Fridge classification is the home of the all-inclusive open fridge cabinets for bistros, shops and solace stores wherever in the nation.

Multideck chillers give a colossal method to offer a wide assortment of product in perfectly chilled conditions.

The length of the multideck you pick could be significant. The little one has practically 600mm longer, and the greatest model has 1800mm length.

Premium multideck fridge cabinets have a lot of amazing highlights like glass sideboards, separable base plates, auto defrost, LED lightning, rack risers, evening time blinds, and stainless steel finishes.

For the most part, temperature degrees range between – 2˚C and 10˚C giving the ideal conditions to most of refrigerated.


multideck fridge


Grab and Go fridge

Grab and Go fridge cabinets can stock and carefully present different items. And all immaculately cooled and arranged for serve.

Our commercial fridges help you to boost the allurement of ‘Grab and Go’ for sandwiches, wraps or boxed plates of mixed greens.

You have such a large number of commercial fridge choices to pick and buy from the Standard to the Premium Grab and Go Chiller class, so buy now!


Grab and Go fridge


Drinks Fridge

Upright Display Fridge speaks to the glass door chiller or drinks fridge with amazing commercial fridge capacities. Additionally, these jug chillers will guarantee your business effective and an incredible return of investment.

Accordingly, you can guarantee the customers approaching chilled drinks utilizing various sizes, littler or twofold door cabinets. Likewise, you can pick a commercial fridge relying upon litre stockpiling limit.

The upright display chiller has stand-out sizes from the littler one commercial fridge best reasonable in coffee stores, clinic cafeterias, comfort stores, general stores and schools to the huge twofold glass door fridge perfect for shops where the interest for chilled drinks is high.

Bar fridge units with coordinated zenith built up gentle are a colossal method to appealingly show and product your chilled drinks.

These mini-fridge cabinets are accessible in heaps of shapes and sizes to suit your business.

From half-size door varieties for little bars to the big twofold doorways bottle fridges for celebration’s and conveying fields, there are masses of inclination to purchase.


drinks fridge


Patisserie display chiller

The patisserie fridge is perfect for eateries, bistros, cake and patisserie shops.

Our scope of cake display fridges, all have total glass encompasses to see the merchandise from any edge.

These commercial fridge units come in numerous exquisite completions from steel to premium stainless-steel.

Along these lines, regardless of whether you’re anticipating utilizing as a sandwich, patisserie, or cake fridge, these display cabinets suit on the lowest prices in the GB.


patisserie display fridge


Counter Fridge

Twofold coated Counter Fridge class is conferring the excellent way to draw your clients with cakes, foods grown from the ground patisserie items. Our top-notch stainless-steel countertop chiller fits in eateries, cake or coffee shops which can be on your new or current Under Counter Fridge.

With reinforced twofold coated front display, the countertop fridge gives the most attractive warm effectiveness. These commercial fridge cabinets become ideal for displaying pastries and other patisserie items.

The blower with incorporated controls gives ventilated refrigeration at each rack level to hold a reasonable temperature all through.

Regardless of whether you need to display treats, organic products, or cheddar, its full display will draw your customers’ consideration and will support your deals.


counter fridge


Serve Over

Our submitted Serve Over counters (or Deli Display) will offer an exceptional answer in your cooking venture that serve straightforwardly to clients, simultaneously as enticing clients with its full display.

In addition, having stock alongside cheddar, cooked meats and natural product alluringly displayed without a moment’s delay in the front of clients supports drive buys and up-deals in sync with guests.

The commercial fridge Serve Over Counter speaks to an in vogue approach to flaunt all way of merchandise. While likewise introducing refrigerated transitory products.

Besides, serve over display cabinets keep up your stock at the exact temperature and offer a liberal chilled or surrounding house limit. Most importantly, having the option to hold numerous sorts of suppers and beverages chilled for quite a while, our commercial fridge choices reason them to a magnificent bit of providing food device for a wide scope of takeaway settings.


serve over fridge


2. Display Freezer

Display Freezer cabinets remain at the front line of elite, proficiency, adaptable display cabinets, produced using premium parts. Also, from accommodation stores to grocery stores, they offer the perfect answer for all retail situations. We have in our commercial freezer offer the Upright Display Freezer class and the Chest Freezer classification to purchase.

Concerning the display freezer, they radiate an impression of being a fundamental exhibiting mechanical assembly for any sustenance related business attempt that anticipates that sustenance should be refrigerated. Verifiably, eating spots and suppers related associations should keep transient nourishment stock everything considered alluring cool temperatures even as on show up.

As such, it is central for you to keep up all merchandise in a commercial fridge until it is set up to be served. There are a couple of commercial freezers that combine each the cooling segment of a chest freezer with a stylish glass window display to get the attention of the supporter.

In the event that you’re making courses of action to open a retail outlet shop or you have one already, live mindful that how you fine display your item. By making an enthusiasm for a flawless ice cream freezer, you will have a huge impact.


Display Freezer


Chest freezer

Sliding Chest Freezer classification gives a brief and smooth get admission to solidified items like ice cream, meat and other. Our chest lid freezer has a viable waste administration answer.

This commercial freezer licenses for convenient cleanliness systems as you discard the overabundance ice develop.

Our chest freezer is appropriate for nourishment retailers or cake shops that looking perfect stocking potential with the luring offer.

A chest display freezer stores transient things for a significant period of time or even an exceptionally prolonged stretch of time with little adversity in merchandise flavour or change in appearance.

However, a Sliding glass Chest Freezer entices customers with your vegetables, meat, or patisserie things. In this way, it is impeccable to use as an Ice Cream Freezer too.

For the extra requirement for ultra-low temperature, we have an amazing course of action: the commercial fridge Low-Temperature Freezer.


Chest Freezer


Upright Display Freezer

The glass door freezer fuses a response for outlets of various types and sizes, from bistros and solace stores to supermarkets and school or cafeterias.

Upright display freezer cabinets assure a great available environment space use, granting various racks of hardened stock to be promoted. This is perfect for boxed or stored set items, for instance, pizza, ice squares or arranged suppers.

Not all commercial environments have that much space available. With kitchen and additional room limited, ensure that you are exploiting what is accessible to you. We grasp the centrality of value commercial fridge. That is the explanation we select our extent of display freezer units to satisfy the requirements of a clamouring commercial kitchen.

All our commercial fridge and freezer models are planned to be anything other than hard to clean and re-stock, for the straightforwardness of upkeep. Commercial freezers are of the best, arranged with premium components for perfect sturdiness.


upright display freezer


3. Heated Counter

Heated Display counters suit for protecting nourishment hot even as on appear in your pastry kitchen, café or patisserie. Also, our heated counter speaks to the best want for pies, baked goods, paninis, filled sandwiches and soup.

Hot Multideck Display splendidly fits for warming hot moves, pies, baked goods, sandwiches and filled moves. The Counter Heater has Treated Steel outside, full glass side and insightful, and an incredible look. So these commercial fridge counters will give a better than average engaging feel to any store.


counter heater


Taking everything into account, visit our online shop for more commercial fridge units like the Double coated countertop or check all the ECO-Fridge Hot Counters.

Most importantly, the open-fronted display guarantees your product gets full attention from the clients, urging them to purchase.

The Counter Heater is ideal for bistros requiring a stylish heated display which can work onto your new or existing counter. This commercial fridge heater has a Stainless Steel outside and all-around twofold coated display.

In this way, the heated display counter holds perfect warmth, alongside an outwardly engaging display, being able to pull in customers and tempt them to buy.


commercial refrigeration


Final considerations

All commercial fridge units are altogether tried to the most noteworthy prerequisites so you should buy with certainty. What’s more, this since we understand that your display fridge cabinet must work quite a long time after month, consistently.

As a component of our submitted supplier, we will deliver, instal and set-up your unit for FREE (inside the UK Mainland). We’re proud to be the providers of commercial fridge units to big brands which incorporate Cafe Nero, Costa Coffee, Gail’s Bakery, Wenzels Bakery, and Coffee1.

At ECO-Fridge UK, we offer the most extensive sorts of commercial fridge units, guaranteeing that your refreshments, nourishment and beverages are held at the best newness and prepared to serve.

Drinks fridge units are ideal for putting away and cooling fluids and other produce, appealingly providing what’s to be had while safeguarding most noteworthy chilled conditions.

At the point when stock should be spared in chilled conditions, a commercial display fridge guarantees that it’s furthermore alluringly promoted to amplify deals.

Contact us to get the right suggestion for the commercial fridge gear that fit all your requirements. So contact our deal group on 01280 811411 and buy now!